Mundoinho is a children's art & digital media studio from Brazil.

We create Digital Interactive Invitations for children's birthday parties and Baby Showers under the name of "Invited to Fun". The invitations are online games with a personalized message, text informing the local and date of the party and photo(s) or an animated cartoon of the child. In the site, you can also find party supplies and decor.

Among our free content are games and gamebooks for tablets and mobile phones that can be downloaded on Google Play (Android); or played online in Mundoinho Play on any computer or mobile device with broadband internet access.

Thinking about child safety, our free apps do not have third-party ads, just links related to Mundoinho itself.

Mundoinho also creates posters and comics to decorate the children's room or nursery. You can buy through the following websites: | Colab55 (Brazilian store) or order a unique and personalized digital art directly with us by email.

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